Hi all, instead of emailing in questions about how to use the website it would be helpful for other users to see what suggestions, questions, errors and other issues wildlife fans have had with the website.

At the moment it’s just me @apteryxgav to answer the support questions. I am disabled and may take a few days to respond, but will be as fast as possible. If there’s anything I can do to help please do let me know.

How to post videos:

At present MyWild.Life doesn’t have the server capacity to handle uploading and processing videos. However it is setup to display videos uploaded to Youtube – you can see the MyWild.Life Youtube channel here: MyWild.Life Youtube channel.

Gmail/Googlemail – Registration email issues.

Currently registration emails are not getting through to gmail/googlemail accounts, I am not sure why and am trying to get this rectified. Sorry for the issues!

Is there a phone App?

At present there isn’t, still a bit beyond my skill set but hopefully in the future if either I can work out how to create one or pay someone to make one for the website.


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