At MyWild.Life the animals welfare should always come first. was started:

  1. To find like minded people and create a community of people who have a passion for animals and their environment.
  2. To share photos videos and stories.
  3. To hopefully help out wildlife and the environment by getting people to move from the large corporate social media websites that are only interested in profits and portfolios and not giving back to the world.
  4. To have fun.
  5. Get to see amazing photos and find out about wildlife behaviour that may be unusual.
  6. Obsession with camera gear 


The environment, animals and plants are the most important part of and should never be put in stressful situations.

If like me you are fed up of seeing horrible trained dogs and other animals in tutus and other such videos on mainstream social media sites then is for you.

Photos and videos of trapped animals should only be shown for rescue, reintroduction projects or raising awareness of potential animal crime.

All photos and videos must be your own or you must have the right to use them. This is not a meme site about motivational posters that Instagram and Pinterest have become.

Unlike many other social media sites we do not claim ownership to your photos and if ever gets to the point of promoting via media or in ads I will ask permission and sort a payment deal as a fellow photographer I value your time and effort to get great photos and your enthusiasm for wildlife.

Warning: As this is the Internet any photos uploaded to might be stolen by awful people that like to pass off your hard work as their own. I recommend using a watermark with your name or your @handle on social media accounts. Also regularly check Bing and Google reverse image search to check if other websites are using your photos. This is not perfect but it can help reduce image theft.

Caring for the world: 

The website is hosted by Kualoa hosting service that uses renewable energy.

The domain is registered through Gandi which supports a lot of worthwhile causes and animal/conservation charities and organisations

About the Wild team:

At the moment it’s really just @apteryxgav that is working on, things may be slow to get moving.

ApteryxGav (me) – would have spent my life as a wildlife documentary maker, but I have Generalised Dystonia, think Parkinson’s Disease and try holding a video camera steady, it just doesn’t work!

I studied “multimedia” because it included video production, photography and web development, plus studying horticulture via the Royal Horticulture Society and Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. Meaning that I am an OK photographer, a rubbish programmer and have a bit of a clue about gardening and plants.

Also a feijoa obsessive although growing them on scale has become difficult after dystonia spasms breaking numerous vertebrae on a few occasions, plus needing open heart surgery and having a few strokes has made it tough the last 10 or so years I still want to get back to growing feijoas.